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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcadaverca‧dav‧er /kəˈdævə, kəˈdeɪ- $ kəˈdævər/ noun [countable]  DEAD technical a dead human body, especially one used for study syn corpse
Examples from the Corpus
cadaverThe shape of the cheeks - if slightly too reminiscent of a cadaver - had a certain elegance.Rotten meat and all cadavers of Stealer kin were destined for furnaces.They also continued their dissections and found the same muscle in 25 consecutive cadavers.In between school and schoolwork, Theresa pitched in, happy to get away from her cadaver.Davis later returned and moved her cadaver to the Cloverdale spot, according to the prosecution theory.During the course of dissections of cadaver club feet he recognized the role of muscles and tendons rather than bones in this deformity.Dissection here takes place on cadavers or using tissue taken from them.
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