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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcadaverousca‧dav‧er‧ous /kəˈdævərəs/ adjective literary  THIN PERSONlooking extremely thin, pale, and unhealthy cadaverous cheeks
Examples from the Corpus
cadaverousHis face was very bony, cadaverous.He was also gaunt and cadaverous, and as dark as the Semitic people of the Holy Land.He himself had acquired a cadaverous appearance; a shrinking manikin within his leather and steel-scale carapace.a cadaverous faceAn alarmed octopus or one that is near death turns a cadaverous gray.Strings of spittle hanging from pointed teeth to lower lip reflected moonshine as the cadaverous head arched skywards.Again the track trails off into languishing shivers and cadaverous moans.Tall, cadaverous preachers shuddered by.Perhaps elderly and cadaverous with a fluting voice and archaic views.
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