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CadillacCad‧il‧lac /ˈkædɪlæk, -dəl-/ noun [countable] trademark  1 TTCa very expensive and comfortable car2 GOOD/EXCELLENT American English informal something that is regarded as an example of the highest quality of a particular type of productCadillac of the Cadillac of stereo systems
Examples from the Corpus
CadillacFirst thing you know he wanted a Cadillac.A large black Cadillac stops in the road to let me cross before pulling in.Joe Strummer promised the town of Corby, Northamptonshire, a pink Cadillac.Behind, the Cadillac is idling nervously.Three others in the Cadillac were airlifted or taken by ambulance to hospitals; the extent of their injuries was not available.The Cadillac was now parked in a lay-by.Joey Fish-in-a-Barrel has twenty thousand dollars and three Cadillacs since the contract.Cadillac ofthe Cadillac of electric ovens
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