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caesareancae‧sar‧e‧an /səˈzeəriən $ -ˈzer-/ (also caesarean section) noun [countable]  MHan operation in which a woman’s body is cut open to take a baby outborn/delivered etc by caesarean Both her children were born by caesarean section. She had to have a caesarean.
Examples from the Corpus
caesareanA line was established from clone 59 and clean stocks derived by caesarean section.The bubble is put round the sow, and the piglets removed by caesarean.She was in an advanced state of pregnancy and her first child was born on the spot by caesarean section.If the rate of non-elective caesarean sections is increasing there may be financial, medical, and social implications.Constance Stewart, 31, died after an emergency caesarean at Dulwich Hospital, south-east London.The women end up having more painkilling drugs and more interventions, such as the use of forceps or caesareans.In 1989 shaves were associated with caesarean sections.have ... caesareanEven mums who have a Caesarean section leave after just five or six days at the most.
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