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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcageycag‧ey /ˈkeɪdʒi/ adjective  SECRETunwilling to tell people about your plans, intentions, or opinions opp opencagey about He was very cagey about the deal.cagily adverbcaginess noun
Examples from the Corpus
cageyAs a result, agents are becoming even more cagey about developing raw talent.The manager was more cagey about this.She's very cagey about what she spends her money on, don't you think?Yet he was cagey and knew when to be blunt.His habitual London expression, cagey and mournful, was never to be seen.He has to be cagey, Billy, you should know that as well as anyone.Coach Bob Dwyer is playing it cagey over his choice of a replacement skipper.The rest of the league has been waiting for a belly flop, but the Giants' cagey right-hander refuses to wilt.He gets very cagey whenever I ask him about his job.If he hadn't played so cagey with her, she'd have told him.cagey aboutThe White House is being very cagey about the contents of the report.
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