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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcahootsca‧hoots /kəˈhuːts/ noun   be in cahoots (with somebody)
Examples from the Corpus
cahootsA supermarket assistant, in cahoots with a customer, wrapped goods and deliberately understated the price.Those who floated to the surface were merely declared to be in cahoots with the devil.I even found it difficult to believe that she had ever been in cahoots with Mr Broadhurst.Sun is reportedly not in cahoots.But Mr Espina has his work cut out to convince people that he was not in cahoots with Mr Serrano.Are they in cahoots with that mad biker From Leicester?Perhaps he was in cahoots with the one who got in through a skylark?Some dealers tried to convey the false impression that the two markets were in cahoots.
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