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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcairncairn /keən $ kern/ noun [countable]  GROUP OF THINGSa pile of stones that marks a particular place, especially at the top of a mountain
Examples from the Corpus
cairnCigarette ends growing into a mound similar to a cairn over a dead hero.The conical cairn is built with terraces.Ahead, a low cairn of granite boulders rose clear of the moor.They comprise pits dug deep into the ground, lined with logs, and covered with a low cairn of stones.This time, we succeeded and indeed met no difficulties apart from one awkward step across a gap just before the cairn.Spaced evenly from the bottom up, concentric rings of black crow feathers rise to the top of the cairn.Some one constructed a stone walkway leading to the cairn, as though it were an altar.These passage-graves were covered with cairns of stone, frequently mixed with shells in coastal districts.
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