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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcalculablecal‧cu‧la‧ble /ˈkælkjələbəl/ adjective [no comparative] 🔊 🔊 COUNT/CALCULATEsomething that is calculable can be measured by using numbers, or by studying the facts available opp incalculable 🔊 clear and calculable benefits
Examples from the Corpus
calculableBecause tasks in organisations are almost always interdependent, it is essential that personnel act in a calculable and predictable manner.As for the conversion of mass into energy, this does affect stars in a calculable fashion.There is a vast range of mathematically calculable improbabilities way outside the range of the spotlight.One has a small number of easily measurable variables and a small number of easily calculable laws.Each decision involves a calculable opportunity cost of not having opted for something else.
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