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calibrationcal‧i‧bra‧tion /ˌkæləˈbreɪʃən/ noun [uncountable] technical  1 the process of checking or slightly changing an instrument or tool so that it does something correctly the calibration of flight instruments2 TMa set of marks on an instrument or tool used for measuring, or the act of making these marks correct
Examples from the Corpus
calibrationThis is tedious but it does provide an absolute calibration on which other devices can be based.High-precision calibration curves now exist which confirm the two features apparent in Suess's curve.This is important because many devices for measuring low flow speeds in turn require calibration.However, in the calibration model, constant marginal operating costs were assumed.When a sample with an unknown level of that element is analysed its concentration can be plotted on the calibration curve.But as soon as they had completed their calibration, Williams and Jeanloz began squeezing samples of iron in the diamond anvil.This calibration should always take into account how much you can afford to pay.
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