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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaliperscal‧i‧pers /ˈkæləpəz $ -ərz/ noun [plural]  XXthe American spelling of callipers
Examples from the Corpus
calipersIn the preschool program scales must be properly calibrated, and calipers must be properly adjusted. 4.Fat calipers, motivation tapes, an exercise video, and some recipes pad out her product.Judith C had been disabled since birth, getting about with sticks and, for much of her life, leg calipers.And you had to sign a chit to use things like the height gauge, the big micrometers, calipers.From these other points could be measured by triangulation with compasses or calipers.It's been replaced by a pair of cheaper steel discs gripped by Brembo four-pot calipers.The cast-iron disc brakes work with four-pot calipers and it rides on 10ins rims at the front and 14ins at the rear.Ever the engineers, they used calipers to make their measurements.
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