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call a halt (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcall a halt (to something)call a halt (to something)to stop an activity from continuing I urge those responsible to call a halt to the violence. halt
Examples from the Corpus
call a halt (to something)The charade at the White House today about calling a halt to politics is transparently hypocritical.When she got the blade of the shove between her teeth and began to worry it I called a halt.They ought to see that and just call a halt.Here General McDowell called a halt.On the Monday before her wedding-day, Diana gave serious consideration to calling a halt to the whole affair.Objectives of this kind threaten to impoverish the nation and will cause the electorate to call a halt.Surely it is time to call a halt to all vehicles on the pavement.Small wonder many women call a halt.
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