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call (somebody’s) attention to

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcall (somebody’s) attention tocall (somebody’s) attention toATTENTION a) to ask people to pay attention to a particular subject or problem May I call your attention to item seven on the agenda? b) to make someone notice someone or something I wanted to shout out to Ken, but I didn’t want to call attention to myself. call
Examples from the Corpus
call (somebody’s) attention toIt called attention to a need for safeguards of the rights of prisoners, disabled people, women and immigrant workers.And Feinstein, 62, has been aggressive in calling media attention to her bipartisanship.But despite these signs of success Hansen won't take full credit, calling attention to his brother, Steve.President Clinton called attention to the broader issues with his veto of the balanced budget act.For our purposes, I call special attention to the chapters on structural configurations.Stephen Scobie has called attention to the sheer excess with which Leonard adorns his pages.Above all, the Fourth International calls attention to the turn in the pattern of the world revolution.This book is in-tended largely to call attention to this opportunity and to point to the consensus for action that already exists.
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