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calling card

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calling cardˈcalling card noun [countable]  American EnglishBD a small card with a name and often an address printed on it, that people in the past gave to people they visited syn visiting card British English
Examples from the Corpus
calling cardOn a longer call, however, a calling card can be cheaper than a prepaid phone card.Until 1900, cards were not signed, but hand delivered with a calling card.We left our calling card on the enemy with those bombs at the checkpoint.That little yodel in the chorus serves as a personal calling card.
From Longman Business Dictionarycalling cardˈcalling card noun [countable]TELECOMMUNICATIONS1a card with a special number on that allows you to make cheap telephone callsPrepaid calling cards can save you money when you’re away from home.2a card that allows you to make telephone calls on other telephones and pay for them on your home telephone bill
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