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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcallowcal‧low /ˈkæləʊ $ -loʊ/ adjective  EXPERIENCEDyoung and without experience – used to show disapproval syn immature a callow youth
Examples from the Corpus
callowWith clunky writing, the characters are simply shallow, callow and cold, when not being sappy or self-pitying.Elsewhere, callow phrasing, smudged ensemble and enervated rhythms were commonplace.Great entertainers are treated shabbily, while callow, shallow twerps land their own series after half a dozen gigs.But now, here I was being handily and insolently dismissed as a psychedelic Diplodicus by a gang of callow sub-Generation Xers.I encouraged them to denounce the callow subjugation of women and switch from heels to flats.He'd need to keep his senses sharp and try to put any such callow thoughts quite out of his mind.a callow young manWhat Clive wanted was callow youth.callow youthWhat Clive wanted was callow youth.
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