1 adjective
calm1 S3 comparative calmer, superlative calmest
1 relaxed and quiet, not angry, nervous, or upset:
Glen was calm and composed at the funeral.
remain/stay/keep calm
I tried to stay calm and just ignore him.
2 if a place, period of time, or situation is calm, there is less activity, trouble etc than there sometimes is, or than there has been recently:
The financial markets are calm at the moment.
The streets are calm again after last night's disturbances.
3 a sea, lake etc that is calm is smooth or has only gentle waves:
The seas were dead calm.
calmly adverb
calmness noun [uncountable]
voice, sound: low , soft, muffled, hushed, subdued

place: peaceful, calm, sleepy, tranquil

completely quiet: silent, you could hear a pin drop

what you say when you want someone to be quiet: sh, shut up not polite, be quiet, keep it down BrE informal

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