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calorificcal‧o‧rif‧ic /ˌkæləˈrɪfɪk◂/ adjective  1 DFNfood that is calorific tends to make you fat2 HP technical producing heat
Examples from the Corpus
calorificMutton is fattier and more calorific.Various authorities give differing values for the calorific content of wood as a fuel.The derating expected is significantly influenced by the calorific content.At 15, our daughter knew the calorific contents of every morsel and was making herself sick by drinking vinegar.The charcoals produced from different species of plants yield hear which can vary in calorific value according to the species involved.The percentage carbon content of a coal is important because the calorific value depends on it.The 130,000 tonnes of litter consumed each year has about half the calorific value of coal.The calorific value of that on an ordinary definitive stamp is 5.9.
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