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CalvinistCal‧vin‧ist /ˈkælvɪnɪst/ adjective  1 RRCfollowing the teachings of Calvinism2 (also Calvinistic /ˌkælvəˈnɪstɪk◂/)RRCSTRICT having strict moral standards and tending to disapprove of pleasure syn puritanicalCalvinist noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
CalvinistThis had been the view of the enclosed Calvinist chapel or Methodist station, hidden away from the high streets of life.In sombre silence, wearing black ties, the Calvinist elders walk between the unusually-full pews.A devout Calvinist Methodist and strict advocate of temperance, Davies became a patron of Nonconformist and other charitable and educational causes.And even that, because I impose it on myself, I can take a sort of Calvinist pleasure in.Strasbourg was also the birthplace of the modest first Calvinist psalter in 1539.The banning of popular plays is normally associated with the hard-line Calvinist reformers.
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