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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcamcordercam‧cor‧der /ˈkæmˌkɔːdə $ -ˌkɔːrdər/ noun [countable]  TCPa type of camera that records pictures and sound on videotape
Examples from the Corpus
camcorderCannon to them is flesh and blood rather than a camera or a camcorder.To begin with, all camcorders have automatic exposure control as standard.Question A combination of wind, traffic and camcorder noise have drowned out the required soundtrack.But what if camcorders could be controlled more smoothly, say, the way your eye moves from one object to another?Most camcorders provide manual control options to allow you to do this.Press the button gently but firmly and without jerking the camcorder each time you start and stop.However, you really need the camcorder feature known as exposure lock to make this effect work properly.On-off control of the camcorder is simplicity itself.
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