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cameramancam‧e‧ra‧man /ˈkæmərəmən/ noun (plural cameramen /-mən/) [countable]  AMFsomeone who operates a camera for films or televisionDo not confuse with photographer (=a person who takes still photographs).
Examples from the Corpus
cameramanI merely put consequences of politics on film: a cameraman is not involved right?Justin, a cameraman, and his stepson, Tom.An astronaut, dressing for the mission, gives a quick thumbs up to a cameraman.He and his cameraman spent 17 hours traveling from one hilly location to the next, with a brief stop in Scottsdale.I went to my house in Madrid with Nicolas Roeg, the lighting cameraman, and we worked on rewriting the script.On the left of the hall a battery of news cameramen and reporters were recording the scene.In one scene a gunman points his weapon at the cameraman.It broke up the crew and left the cameraman shaking underneath his camera.
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