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camisolecam‧i‧sole /ˈkæməsəʊl $ -soʊl/ noun [countable]  DCCa light piece of women’s underwear that covers the chest down to the waist and has narrow bands over the shoulders
Examples from the Corpus
camisoleA woman in a camisole Was dancing to some rock and roll.Tiny pearls formed the straps of a pearl-colored dress or held up a camisole of cream cashmere.I might wear a camisole, like this, but I'd put a shirt over it before I went out.Finally, I stood there with the others, all of us in our petticoats and camisoles.Finally, pleased with the results, I put on my petticoats, my camisole, and then my red plaid dress.She started to unbutton my camisole.However, a similar outfit can be created with a silk camisole and flattering suit.
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