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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcampfirecamp‧fire /ˈkæmpfaɪə $ -faɪr/ noun [countable]  FIREa fire made outdoors by people who are camping
Examples from the Corpus
campfireSmoke snaked up from a campfire amidst crudely plastered and thatched huts.Never leave a campfire unattended.His prey is the charred remnants of a campfire set along a trail in the heart of this tinder-dry wilderness area.Last week, two community newspapers in Howard County ran front-page, color photographs of a naked man tending a campfire.Saturday night was capped by a ranger program, goodies and campfire stories.We were taken on nature hikes and told stories as we sat by campfires.I enjoy putting up a tent, I like campfires and food for me tastes so much better outside.In the Tonto and Coronado forests, no campfires are allowed.She lay down on the grass by our campfire pit.That night we sat around the campfire telling stories.
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