Language: Old English
Origin: canne


2 noun
Related topics: Daily Life, Technology
can2 S2 [countable]
1D a metal container in which food or drink is preserved without air:
a Coke can
can of
All we've got is a couple of cans of soup.
2TD a special metal container that keeps the liquid inside it under pressure. The liquid is released as a spray when you press the button
can of
a can of hairspray
3 especially American EnglishD a metal container with a lid that can be removed, used for holding liquid:
Two large cans of paint ought to be enough.

can of worms

a very complicated situation that causes a lot of problems when you start to deal with it:
I just don't know what to do - every solution I can think of would just open up a whole new can of worms.

in the can

informal a film that is in the can is complete and ready to be shown

the can

a) a prison
b) American EnglishDH a toilet

➔ carry the can

at carry1 (26)

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