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canaryca‧nar‧y /kəˈneəri $ -ˈneri/ noun (plural canaries) [countable]  HBHDHPa small yellow bird that people often keep as a pet
Examples from the Corpus
canaryBut canaries are idiots of smell and wizards of hearing and love.He keeps canaries, diamond doves and a pair of quails.Porches are enclosed with metal bars, like canary cages.Here, for instance, were hand-sized wolves, with the wings of canaries.In the war my Grannie's canaries were blown through the window and on to the street.Glancing up, I saw a beautiful yellow bird perched on a telegraph wire, looking like a prize long-tailed canary.When the canaries stopped singing, the miners knew it was time to get out of there.
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