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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcandelabracan‧de‧la‧bra /ˌkændəˈlɑːbrə/ (also candelabrum /-ˈlɑːbrəm/) noun (plural candelabra) [countable]  DHFa decorative object which holds several candles or lamps
Examples from the Corpus
candelabraIt was the tallest tree, and June and July saw its waxy flowers bold as a candelabra.Multi-bracketed candelabra placed along the centre helped the sconce torches to bathe the room in light.Every few feet were huge eight-branched candelabra, each with its own beeswax candles.There they encountered nine round tables for eight, decorated with gold candelabra and muted pastel flowers.She'd covered the table with a snow-white cloth, and she lit a seven branched olive candelabra.He remembered the tall thin red ones Zoe used to put in the silver candelabra when she was entertaining.Price's candles to fill the candelabra are kept with the dry stores in the cellars.So she brings in a whole candelabra and balances it on the floor.
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