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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcandidcan‧did /ˈkændɪd/ ●○○ adjective  HONESTtelling the truth, even when the truth may be unpleasant or embarrassing syn frankcandid about She was quite candid about the difficulties the government is having.candid with He was remarkably candid with me. It struck me as an unusually candid confession for a politician.see thesaurus at honestcandidly adverb candour
Examples from the Corpus
candidFord was brutally candid about the many shortcomings on the team.The management team has been very candid about the problems the company is now facing.It is best to be candid also about who one has consulted.At night the lessons are very practical; people are candid and share failures.Myrdal's book is a candid biography of her famous parents.She led a candid discussion about race relations in the city.This was an unusual situation, an opportunity to be candid for once.Surere was returning his gaze out of candid, friendly eyes; convinced eyes.In candid interviews, representatives said a settlement hinges on these issues: Staffing levels.In the space of several months, Nizan was progressively captivated by the refreshingly candid, lively and astute personality of Rirette.Lena is amusingly candid when she talks about the men in her life.Well, in fact, Watson, I was less than candid with our visitor.
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