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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcandidacycan‧di‧da‧cy /ˈkændədəsi/ noun (plural candidacies) (also candidature /ˈkændədətʃə $ -ər/) [countable, uncountable]  VOTE/ELECTJOB/WORKthe position of being one of the people who are competing in an electioncandidatecandidacy for The local party supported her candidacy for the post of chairman.announce/declare your candidacy He has not yet officially announced his candidacy for the presidential election. She later withdrew her candidacy.
Examples from the Corpus
candidacyThe use of a campaign book to promote a candidacy is not rare.Mrs Ozal's detractors claim that her candidacy is an example of third-world dynastic ambitions in the Peron mode.This gave his candidacy a clear sense of direction that others have lacked.Cuomo's candidacy would have greatly changed the presidential race.The statement went on to urge popular support for Sihanouk's candidacy in these elections.While Sharpton insisted that his long-shot candidacy would prevail, his fledgling campaign looked a bit ragtag.That concluded a half which was bad news for the candidacy of McClair to partner his volatile new colleague.withdrew ... candidacySeligson withdrew his candidacy and wrote a biting letter to Harleston.Vince Tobin withdrew his candidacy for the job after both men got death threats from Ditka fanatics.
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