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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcandle-litˈcandle-lit adjective  LIGHTlit by the gentle light of candles a candle-lit dinner for two
Examples from the Corpus
candle-litTo comfort myself, I take a long warm candle-lit bath.A further 70,000 people attended a candle-lit ceremony on June 4.I entered one full of nuns, their winged white coifs illuminating the dim interior, making it like a candle-lit church.You will be greeted with a welcome drink, and once a week you can enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner.Saw the six strongest carry it down the steps into the candle-lit interior.On Christmas Eve a candle-lit procession, led by Matron, came to sing carols.a candle-lit tableSeveral hundred people have been attending a nightly candle-lit vigil, and there has been one other small protest.Only about 60 people turned up to a recent candle-lit vigil outside Orsett hospital supposedly a protest against trust status being given.
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