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cannonballcan‧non‧ball /ˈkænənbɔːl $ -bɒːl/ noun [countable]  PMWa heavy iron ball fired from a cannon
Examples from the Corpus
cannonballHis idea was this: Suppose you fire a cannonball vertically upward from the surface of the earth.In a bright opening, Mark Hughes, 10 yards out, hit a cannonball that flew off Knight's legs.In November, Salisbury, a chivalric figure, was killed, the victim of a cannonball.Its wake bounces our little craft like a swimming pool float after a fat kid cannonballs off the diving board.Terminal tackle: Use a sinker release with a 2-to 3-pound lead cannonball sinker.It is not really consistent to treat light like cannonballs.The muscles of their calves and upper arms were like cannonballs.You will see cannonballs embedded like raisins in the walls: these came from the Prussian bombardment of 1757.
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