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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcannotcan‧not /ˈkænət, -nɒt $ -nɑːt/ ●●● W1 modal verb  1 CAN'Ta negative form of ‘can’ Mrs Armstrong regrets that she cannot accept your kind invitation.2 cannot but
Examples from the Corpus
cannotSome observers can see it with the naked eye under ideal conditions, though I certainly cannot.Sound waves can go where light cannot.Trim fingernails if the resident cannot.Excellence in defense management will not and cannot emerge by legislation or directive.Many people cannot find affordable housing.And to know these, the artist cannot force his own intentions upon nature.How they will look when that has been done cannot now be foreseen, but they will look different.Passive-aggressive people cannot openly express angry emotions and deny feelings of resentment and anger.