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canonicalca‧non‧i‧cal /kəˈnɒnɪkəl $ kəˈnɑː-/ adjective  1 RRCaccording to canon law2 HM technical in the simplest mathematical form
Examples from the Corpus
canonicalBut in 5 it is at least canonical.It may represent a calcium-sensitive form of the enzyme as it contains one canonical EF-hand motif.Consequently, is the coefficient of in the equation of the canonical form in which is basic.However, a simple and powerful canonical form is obtainable.In the second place, the modal meaning is derivable from the canonical lexical meaning but not the other way round.Only one fragmentary letter of his survives in the canonical New Testament.On the basis of their canonical nucleotide sequences they can be classified as group I introns.If one looks to sources other than the canonical scriptures, Thomas's role assumes larger proportions.
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