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canopycan‧o‧py /ˈkænəpi/ noun (plural canopies) [countable]  1 DHFa cover made of cloth that is fixed above a bed, seat etc as a decoration or as a shelter2 the leaves and branches of trees, that make a kind of roof in a forest the forest canopy3 literaryCOVER something that spreads above you like a roof a canopy of twinkling starscanopied adjective
Examples from the Corpus
canopyOnce a week or so accordion music sounds will make feet itch under a canopy of stars in the tiny village square.a canopy over the patioThe road was overhung with a pretty dense canopy.Powers popped his canopy, loosened his harness and was ejected by the centrifugal force.The tops of the trees in the rain forest are called the canopy.This model of the canopy consists of a number of infinitely extended horizontal canopy layers.One sensed that the canopy had been wasted slowly by the powers of fungus and leaf mould.It was cool under the canopy and there was less light than Rostov had expected.In the tipping, he saw the headlights of a car pulling up under the canopy out front.Underneath the tree canopy of luminescent green there are flowers everywhere.
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