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canteencan‧teen /kænˈtiːn/ noun [countable]  1 TBBDL British English a place in a factory, school etc where meals are provided, usually quite cheaply2 canteen.jpg PMATa small container in which water or other drink is carried by soldiers, travellers etc3 a canteen of cutlery
Examples from the Corpus
canteenOne guy had a canteen on his hip which was shot off; it was automatic weapons.Often an informal group will eat lunch near a machine or other work station, even though a canteen is available.Friends don't come back from the dead, Leila thought, rampaging through the corridor from the canteen.He found Leila and Ari in the canteen.Many workers only escaped because they were in the canteen.They went from the workplace into the canteen, they sat and opened their lunchboxes in their working clothes.Warm canteen water in the canteen cap, the bag open on the floor, a propane lighter too hot to hold.
From Longman Business Dictionarycanteencan‧teen /kænˈtiːn/ noun [countable] British English a place in a factory, office etc where meals are provided, usually quite cheaply SYN cafeteria AmEWe usually have lunch in the works’ canteen.
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