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cantocan‧to /ˈkæntəʊ $ -toʊ/ noun (plural cantos) [countable]  ALone of the parts into which a very long poem is dividedstanza
Examples from the Corpus
cantoThe first 11 cantos are preparation of the palette.Here she also shows some impressive bel canto chops.On the other hand, Merritt's singing this time justified his reputation as an exponent of this bel canto Heldentenor role.Bel canto is a good basis for both opera and lieder.When we turn from the Rock-Drill cantos to the Classic Anthology, something is lost but much is gained.This emphasis on the triumph of masculine order is the context of Book V's final cantos.The quest to free Ireland begins Book V and the successful slaying of Grantorto is in the final canto.Does not the use of the Na-Khi material in those cantos tell its own tale?
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