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cantoncan‧ton /ˈkæntɒn, kænˈtɒn $ ˈkæntən, -tɑːn/ noun [countable]  PGone of the areas that a country such as Switzerland is divided up into, that has limited political powers
Examples from the Corpus
cantonOf the old forest cantons, Uri was always the leader in policies of expansion over the Gotthard into the Ticino.The approval covers the location of work sites and construction methods to be used in canton Valais.It will provide a national regulatory system and a regulatory body to replace those of individual cantons.Yet the very large canton Bern consists of much more than its Oberland.Shortly after leaving Huttwil, road 23 crossed the cantonal boundary from Bern to Luzem canton.Loud explosions were heard as far away as Lucerne and the canton of Uri.Undismayed, Aarau carried on with the building of the Laurenzenvorstadt to house its responsibilities as the capital of the canton.
CantonCan‧ton /ˌkænˈtɒn $ -ˈtɑːn/  a name formerly used for guangzhou, a large city in southern ChinaCantonese /ˌkæntəˈniːz◂/ adjective
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