2 verb
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cap2 past tense and past participle capped, present participle capping [transitive]


be capped with something

to have a particular substance on top:
a graceful tower capped with a golden dome
magnificent cliffs capped by lovely wild flowers


[often passive] to limit the amount of something, especially money, that can be used, allowed, or spent:
the only county to have its spending capped by the government


to say, do, or be something that is better, worse, or more extreme than something that has just happened or been said:
Well, we went three nights with no sleep at all. I bet you can't cap that!

be capped by something

to have something very good or very bad at the end of an event:
a fabulous weekend, capped by dinner in the Times Square Hotel


[usually passive] British EnglishDS to choose someone for a national sports team:
He's been capped three times for England.

to cap it all (off)

British English spoken used before a statement to say that something is the last in a series of annoying, unpleasant, or funny events:
To cap it all, the phones didn't work, and there was no hot water.

snow-capped, white-capped etc

with snow on top, with white on top etc:
snow-capped mountains


to cover a tooth with a special hard white substance:
He's had his teeth capped.

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