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capable of (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcapable of (doing) somethingcapable of (doing) somethingCANhaving the qualities or ability needed to do something I don’t think he’s capable of murder. The company isn’t capable of handling an order that large. I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself, thank you!GrammarYou say that someone is capable of doing something: He is capable of doing it by himself. Don’t say: He is capable to do it by himself. capable
Examples from the Corpus
capable of (doing) somethingRedundant systems won't provide such clear-cut results because all of the modules are capable of doing the same job.Instead, he had proved himself to be capable of great human emotion.The system must be capable of identifying any new entries or sense sections which have been incorporated into the dictionary text.We are all fully capable of managing that responsibility.He was capable of sudden aggressiveness, such as over Matkovsky's telephone account.Now she could relax, she thought, if she was still capable of thinking.Roman had said half an hour and he was quite capable of walking in on her if she was late.
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