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Capitol Hill

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Capitol HillCap·i·tol Hill /ˌkæpətl ˈhɪl/ noun  1 PGPthe US Congress2 PGthe hill in Washington D.C. where the Capitol building stands
Examples from the Corpus
Capitol HillThis same senator also once got lost in a Capitol Hill garden after leaving a conference committee on the House side.Anti-smoking advocates on Capitol Hill, such as Sen.Now, other politicians on the campaign trail and on Capitol Hill are scrambling to get on the economic insecurity bandwagon.From there he moved to Baltimore for seminary studies and then served a church on Capitol Hill in Washington.What was needed now was a major legislative victory that would change the atmosphere of political resentment and resistance on Capitol Hill.A few gallant souls on Capitol Hill have their objections.Some Capitol Hill insiders are already checking out the pre-Thanksgiving flights to Houston and Dallas.
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