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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcapsulecap‧sule /ˈkæpsjuːl $ -səl/ noun [countable]  1 capsules.jpg MHa plastic container shaped like a very small tube with medicine inside that you swallow wholetablet2 a small plastic container with a substance or liquid inside3 TTSthe part of a spacecraft in which people live and work a space capsule orbiting the Earth time capsule
Examples from the Corpus
capsuleFor small early beets, sow small pots with 2-3 capsules and plant out seedling clusters unthinned.An opportunistic dealer can make four capsules from one, although it clearly won't make people four times as happy.Inside the airtight iron capsule, it was a different story.The stay of Johnson and Boswell at Cawdor manse captures Johnson in a neat capsule.One capsule of the good stuff can be split into several capsules and mixed with assorted cutting agents.They took the capsules daily for six months.Music greeted us when we walked through the old swinging doors, original doors that led to the Delaney time capsule.
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