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captain of industry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaptain of industrycaptain of industryMANAGERsomeone who owns or has an important job in a big company captain
Examples from the Corpus
captain of industryOur modern Western world is consequently run by captains of industry, commerce and business who have an underlying Eastern philosophy.In those days captains of industry were not ashamed to live close to the source of their wealth.Sometimes he felt desperately shy and this specially seemed to happen when titled laymen or captains of industry appeared.They were 79 strong, future doctors, lawyers, educators, politicians, captains of industry.I have met no retailing captain of industry who makes my blood sing.His job was to show the captains of industry who came to these shores how to relax.Traders have no secretaries, offices, or meetings with captains of industry.
From Longman Business Dictionarycaptain of industryˌcaptain of ˈindustry noun (plural captains of industry) [countable]COMMERCE someone who runs or owns an important company and has a lot of influenceAn aptitude for leadership is essential for a successful captain of industry.
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