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captive audience

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaptive audiencecaptive audienceGROUP OF PEOPLEpeople who listen or watch someone or something because they have to, not because they are interested captive
Examples from the Corpus
captive audienceAnd so when I talk to a young person I have a captive audience.But beyond the hedge, Mundin had run into a captive audience.He was a real showman, and however he was feeling, he always rose to the bait of a captive audience!Verbal, as opposed to written, reports give you more freedom to exploit your captive audience.His family were a captive audience, especially at meal times, which were central to their day.It can be said he was addressing a captive audience ... of stooges.He really loved the hairdressing profession as it gave him a captive audience to bounce his latest jokes off.Father Tim saw at once that the truest meaning of the term captive audience was being demonstrated right before his eyes.
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