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carafeca‧rafe /kəˈræf, kəˈrɑːf/ noun [countable]  carafe.jpg DFUa glass container with a wide neck, used for serving wine or water at meals
Examples from the Corpus
carafeYou may want to chase it all down with a $ 3 carafe of hot sake.The soup arrived, a rich broth, and rolls and butter and a carafe of wine as well.Twenty minutes later the fat lady gave him a carafe of yellow wine.The wine, which arrived in a carafe, was a strong excellent vin ordinaire.With some misgiving, I ordered a half carafe of red wine.She had a martini and small carafe in front of her, and was nibbling salted peanuts.The waiter pours a small taste from the carafe into a glass, waits for approval, then pours the rest.He poured her another glass of wine from the carafe which stood between them on the table.
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