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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarbcarb /kɑːb $ kɑːrb/ noun [countable] informal  1 British English a carburettor2 [usually plural] especially American English a food such as rice, potatoes, or bread that contains carbohydrate Before a race I eat plenty of carbs.
Examples from the Corpus
carbAlternatively, a more fuel efficient carb fitted with your present engine may help.The single four-barrel Holley carb can gulp down a staggering 750 cubic feet of air every minute at full throttle.The YZ426F gains the titanium valve technology, a new carb and new brakes.Some one has told me that a new carb would help, some one else reckons the distributor would be best changed.This blocks up the jets and air passages in the carb leading to the engine stopping.You check the air cabin ventilation duct for birds nests, the oil the carb and the flaps and ailerons.
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