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carbinecar‧bine /ˈkɑːbaɪn $ ˈkɑːr-/ noun [countable]  PMWa short light rifle
Examples from the Corpus
carbineTheir weapons were just as fantastically varied: M-2 carbines.The officer, placed toward the middle of the group, carries binoculars and a carbine.The boy came in through the back carrying Russell's blanket roll and carbine and put them down on the passenger bench.He made him fling away his carbine.The Dragoon dropped the carbine and fumbled for his sword which hung from its wrist strap.They thrust their carbines into the bucket holsters on their saddles and dragged out their long straight-bladed swords.We have now used the general approach in refs 2 and 3 to place yttrium carbine into nanotubes.
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