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carbon copy

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carbon copyˌcarbon ˈcopy noun [countable]  1 BDa copy, especially of something that has been typed using carbon papercc2 SAMEsomeone or something that is very similar to another person or thingcarbon copy of The robbery is a carbon copy of one that took place last year.
Examples from the Corpus
carbon copyThe new Bernard's is not a carbon copy of the original.It was a carbon copy of an attack 18 months ago.He was as near as dammit to being a stylistic carbon copy of Hell.To her annoyance Holly pushed the carbon copy on to Rain's desk and went away with the other.carbon copy ofMozer is a carbon copy of Jane Pryce: same policies, same ideas.
From Longman Business Dictionarycarbon copyˌcarbon ˈcopy noun [countable]1a copy of a document made using carbon paper2be a carbon copy of something if something is a carbon copy of something else, it is very similar3 ccCOMPUTING a copy of an email message see also blind carbon copy
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