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carburettorcar‧bu‧ret‧tor British English, carburetor American English /ˌkɑːbjəˈretə, -bə- $ ˈkɑːrbəreɪtər/ noun [countable]  TTCa part of an engine, especially in a car, that mixes the petrol with air so that it burns and provides power
Examples from the Corpus
carburettorIt seemed ridiculous that anyone could not clean a carburettor.Below are the carb heat controls and there is a carburettor induction temperature gauge on the panel with a Left/Right engine switch.When throttling back select carburettor heat before doing so.It allows you to adjust the carburettor heat to prevent induction icing.Should one talk about the auto assembly business or the carburettor business?The carburettor had clogged up a second time in the storm and they had had to wait until it was over.Ivars needs help with a Hobson or a Zenith carburettor, correct camshaft timing and much more.Your Land Rover may be fitted with either a Solex or a Zenith carburettor.
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