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card index

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcard indexˈcard ˌindex noun [countable] British English  a box of cards that contain information about something and are arranged in order, especially the cards with book information on them in a library syn card catalog American English
Examples from the Corpus
card indexWithin a file, information is organized in a number of records, rather like the cards in a card index.His job was to make a card index of suspect radicals - anyone who wrote or talked against government.The reports are indexed by subject and location as appropriate on a card index.Telephone numbers can be kept separately, on a card index or in a contact book.This computerised index replaced a card index system that used to have to be updated by hand by bureaux staff.For instance, he collects on his little card index all references in Wells to feeding, eating, and patent medicines.Once inside they went to the card index.
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