Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: carrière, from Old Provençal carriera 'street', from Latin carrus; CAR


1 noun
ca‧reer1 S2 W2 [countable]
1 a job or profession that you have been trained for, and which you do for a long period of your life
career in
a career in journalism
a teaching career
He realized that his acting career was over.
career development/advancement/progression etc
Career prospects within the company are excellent.
a physiotherapist who wanted to make a dramatic career change by becoming an author
Nurses want an improved career structure (=better opportunities to move upwards in their jobs).

career soldier/teacher etc

someone who intends to be a soldier, teacher etc for most of their life, not just for a particular period of time:
a career diplomat
3 the period of time in your life that you spend doing a particular activity:
She had not had a very impressive school career up till then.
My career as an English teacher didn't last long.
Beating the defending champion has to be the highlight of my career.

job, work, post, position, occupation, profession, career
Your job is the work that you do regularly in order to earn money, especially when you work for a company or public organization My last job was with a computer firm. He finally got a job in a supermarket.Work is used in a more general way to talk about activities that you do to earn money, either working for a company or for yourself Will you go back to work when you've had the baby? I started work when I was 18.!! Do not say 'what is your job?' or 'what is your work?'. Say what do you do? or what do you do for a living?Post and position are more formal words for a job in a company or organization. They are used especially in job advertisements and when you are talking about someone moving to a different job This post would suit a recent graduate. He left last summer for a teaching position in Singapore.Use occupation to talk about the kind of work that someone usually does, for example if they are a teacher, lawyer, driving instructor etc. Occupation is used mainly on official forms State your name, age, and occupation in the box below.!! Do not use occupation to talk about your own job I am an accountant. (NOT My occupation is an accountant).A profession is a kind of work for which you need special training and a good education, for example teaching, law, or medicine the legal professionYour career is the type of work that you do or hope to do for most of your life I'm interested in a career in television. His career is more important to him than his family.See also job

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