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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarefreecare‧free /ˈkeəfriː $ ˈker-/ ●○○ adjective  HAPPYhaving no worries or problems He thought back to the carefree days of his childhood. a carefree attitude
Examples from the Corpus
carefreeThat October evening had seemed, for the minute he stood transfixed outside, so joyful and carefree.carefree and fun-loving youngstersHis carefree choreography freed something in them, as well.The contrast between Dysart's carefree existence and his own would have been too much to bear.I felt carefree for the first time in my life.He watched them eat and, listening to their carefree laughter, was content.Susan and Mary Lee probably needed more patience and carefree love than our particular family had to give.They both laughed, feeling like two carefree schoolgirls.Zachary Ryan Clements was killed during a hide-and-seek game on one of those carefree summer afternoons.a carefree summer vacationAfter four carefree years, one enters the Company, where the daily round of obedient toil begins again.
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