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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarefullycare‧ful‧ly /ˈkeəfəli $ ˈker-/ ●●● S2 W2 adverb  CAREFULin a careful way opp carelessly He folded the sheets up carefully.look/listen/think etc carefully You need to think very carefully about which course you want to do.carefully planned/chosen/controlled etc carefully chosen words
Examples from the Corpus
carefullyThe book must be handled carefully because of its age.At night he carefully closed the corral and went home.Nevertheless a carefully designed receptionist role that would take these misgivings into account, may be worth discussing.In honest, carefully done scientific work, there is no compromise on stringent requirements for the conduct and interpretation of research.Slowly and carefully I swam round the dark walls of the castle.When the wild roses finished blooming, we collected the orange-red hips, carefully picked the skin off the compressed seeds.He turned his head to look at her, moving carefully to avoid waking her.Giving it a brisk stir, she carried it carefully upstairs.carefully planned/chosen/controlled etcAs finance is a limited resource in any organization, its application should be carefully controlled.Any activity taking place around the refurbished buildings would be carefully controlled and would not be troublesome.But there is nothing like a carefully chosen book to stimulate the examination and reflection which deals with this doubt.The three Volunteers assigned to Huamanga had been carefully chosen by the Peace Corps staff.When horses are put together in paddocks, they need to be carefully chosen for their mutual compatibility.He carefully planned his exit from corporate life.There simply is no replacement for a rigorous, carefully planned sequence of academic course work.If signs are to be effective for user orientation, they must be carefully planned with regard to position, content and presentation.