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carefully/clearly/strongly etc worded

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarefully/clearly/strongly etc wordedcarefully/clearly/strongly etc wordedSAYusing words that express an idea carefully or clearly a carefully worded question a strongly worded letter worded
Examples from the Corpus
carefully/clearly/strongly etc wordedIn a carefully worded address, Wyman argued the paradoxical facts.In a strongly worded letter this week to several dozen television stations, Rep.On the eve of the talks, the two sides had exchanged strongly worded statements on the issue.His criticisms have become so predictable and strongly worded that they are counter-productive.The agreement was carefully worded to give some satisfaction to both parties.Pete Wilson yesterday, drawing a strongly worded veto but defining the battle lines after months of debate and anguished decisions.Once again, the agency sent a strongly worded warning letter, but took no punitive action.A strongly worded White House statement on March 7 had appealed for international support in stopping the operation of the Rabta plant.
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